March 18, 2012 by ajacquelineofalltrades

Pulled from the George Perez Facebook Fan Page:

I just sent in this art for the Pittsburgh Comicon t-shirt. The organizer, the lovely Renee George, asked me to draw Power Girl and Huntress from my upcoming WORLDS’ FINEST series. She loved what I came up with and it was a pleasure to do a full color pin-up style piece featuring my friends Jana (my Power Girl model) and Margie (my Huntress model). I have a funny feeling that both my models (and their respective spouses) are going to want t-shirts.

February 4, 2012 by ajacquelineofalltrades

Power Girl and Huntress sketches by George Perez in preparation for “World’s Finest”

January 26, 2012 by ajacquelineofalltrades

Power Girl - Chris Foreman (Penciller),  Frank Murray (Colorist)

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Power Girl, inter dimensional kryptonian refugee of an alternate reality version of the DC Universe and cousin to Superman.

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